This is an ongoing exploration of the myriad of ways we inhabit the world around us - most often without noticing it. Inspired by the book of Jane Fulton Suri's of IDEO titled "Thoughtless Acts", it is an exercise in seeing rather than looking at the different types of interactions we engage in with our surroundings.

Here are some examples from the book:

I tried following the way in which Jane Fulton Suri and IDEO segment thoughtless acts, which is listed below. Almost all photos were taken with my iPhone (and I have an old model) so I'm not chasing an esthetically pleasing shot, but rather capturing this "ghost" of a thoughtless act that created what was in front of my eyes.

The way we interact automatically with objects and spaces that we encounter.

Left: A car is parked with the right wheels aligned to the curb.
Right: The boots are aligned to the tiles on the floor.

Someone stuck the price tags on the inside of the trolley hand rail.

Where some qualities and features prompt us to act in a particular way.

Left: A woman who was trying to get some sleep (and warmth, the cabin was freezing cold) under a blanket in a plane. Right: Halloween decorations are neatly positioned symmetrically across the handrail.

When we make use of opportunities in our immediate surroundings.

Left: A biker is holding herself from the lamp post while waiting for the light.
Right: A friend is resting his right arm on the clothes hanger in a train..

Where we take advantage of physical and mechanical qualities we understand.

Left: A sieve is balanced on the sink's sides.
In the middle, the hairband rests on the wrist until its needed.
Right: A woman is sleeping while supported by the trolley's handle bars.

A bike lock has been left tightly wrapped around a street signal.

Where we alter the purpose or context of things to meet our objectives.

Left: A man is using his grocery bag to balance himself.
Right: A couple is resting their feet against each other creating a shared space.

Where we learn patterns of behavior from others in our social and cultural group.

Left: Empty bottle and can are conveniently left against the surface between the mailing box and the wall
Right: Ashtray just fitting on the surface between the facade of the store and the air ventilator.

The way we convey messages and prompts to ourselves and other people.
[this is more elusive than expected!]

Thoughtless Acts? Observations on intuitive design - IDEO