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HEAD Men`s - Revolt B07D6QQ3RL Team 2.5 Tennis Shoes Black Black Iris and Apple Green-(273208BIAG-S - 24d90c9

Heat up the tennis court with new HEAD Men`s Revolt Team 2.5 Tennis Shoes in Black Iris and Apple Green!
This new member of the Revolt family has differences to the cosmetics with the logo on the outsole and more solid material to the mesh upper. This 2018 footwear is premium for players seeking a performance shoe with an exceptional mix of cushioning and secure support. This all-court shoe has innovative technologies such as an Energy Frame, Integrated TPU and 4D Shell offering a secure fit that locks your foot in place and prevents ankle rolling or other injuries. Drift Defense technology p
Men's Tennis Shoe With Tri-N-R-G Technology. FEATURES: Men's Tennis Shoe With Hybrasion+ Technology. FEATURES: Men's Tennis Shoe With Energy Frame. FEATURES: Men`s Revolt Team 2.5 Tennis Shoes Black Iris and Apple Green
Size - (13)_____Color - (Black Iris And Apple Green)
Authorized Head Dealer. All racquets are strung and ready for the courts! SEE SELLER DETAILS FOR RETURN POLICY.

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